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Testing & Analysis

With the financial climate as it is in agriculture at present, it has never been more important to ensure that inputs are applied to crops at the correct level. Where fertilizer inputs are concerned the only way to do this is by soil analysis to determine the soil reserves of the various nutrients required for healthy crop growth, so that these may be balanced correctly by appropriate fertilizer inputs. Applying unnecessary inputs to crops is an expensive luxury that can be ill afforded at present, however under-applying essential nutrients is a sure-fired recipe for crop under performance. We offer a full soil testing service with analysis ranging from a basic pH test through to a full Broad Spectrum soil analysis for all major and minor nutrients required for healthy crop growth.

Livestock manures and other organic fertilizers are being increasingly used in crop production. In order to get the best out of these products it is essential to know the crop nutrient make up of them. While there are “standard values” available to use for most livestock and organic manures, these can vary tremendously around mean values. The only way to determine accurately what a given manure is worth in terms of fertilizer input is to have it analyzed. We are able to arrange to have your organic manures analyzed so that you may more accurately balance them with fertilizer inputs matched to crop requirement.

Often crops can suffer from nutrient disorders that are difficult to identify. We offer a full tissue analysis service to determine precisely which minor or major nutrient/nutrients the crop is deficient in. Clearly identifying the nutrient deficiencies is the first step in putting any growing crop back on the right track.

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