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Roots, Cover Crops & Environmental

We are able to offer a wide range of Brassica and other small seeds for both animal fodder crops and cover and environmental crops. The changes to the CAP have put cover and catch crops back on the farming agenda with both qualifying growers for Environmental Focus Area (EFA) under the new Basic Payment Scheme. If these options are to be used under the new scheme the mixes selected should offer the grower some benefit in terms of enhanced soil fertility and/or structure or in terms of problematic weed control. We are able to offer advice on the right catch/cover crop mix to achieve the desired end result.

With livestock margins under pressure the growing of forage Brassicas represents a way of producing large yields of low cost utilisable forage. In order to get the best from these crops it is crucial that the right type and variety of crop is selected for the end use. We are able to help work through the various options and advise on the correct crop, varieties and drilling dates to get the most out of these crops.

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