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Mobile Seed Processing


Farm saved seed is one way a farmer can save money on inputs to a crop without actually reducing the level of input to that crop. In order for this to work well the farmer must first grow a good quality grain sample. After that the seed must be cleaned and dressed to a very high standard if the farm saved seed is to compare favourably with certified seed.

Matford Arable Systems offer an extremely efficient on farm Mobile Seed Cleaning and Treating service. Our machine is neatly built into a rigid lorry bed and is NOT on an articulated lorry. This means that we can access many more farms in the South West than some of our competitors, who only have cleaners mounted on articulated lorries.

Our fully trained and experienced staff operate the machine to a very high standard, achieving very accurate levels of seed dressing loading on the seed, which is essential for the seed treatment to do its job. 

We offer a full range of seed treatments. In the autumn these would include, Raxil Star, Redigo, Redigo Deter, Latitude, Jockey, Radiate and Liquid Manganese and for the spring, Raxil Star, Redigo, Austral Plus, Radiate and Liquid Manganese.

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