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Maize Seeds

Below are details of our best selling varities. In addition to these, we are also able to provide:



AGIRAXX continues to be our number one best-selling variety. It offers big yields with lovely cobs at a reasonable price. It continues to impress nationally and has continued to win many competitions for best maize crop in fields up and down the country, producing solid performances across good and poor growing seasons and is regarded by many growers as a “Bomb Proof” variety. We believe it has several more seasons in it yet, as would-be replacements fail to measure up.

Yield: 100%
DM: ~33%
Maturity Class: 8
Starch Yield: 100%+
Breeder: RAGT
Pack Size: 50,000



KROFT continues to perform well across the region and is developing a strong reputation as reliable maize for the marginal site. KROFT usually produces a very large cob for a variety in this maturity class. These factors, combined with a competitive seed cost, are making Kroft a firm favourite with growers.


Yield: 97%
DM: 33% to 34%
Maturity Class: 9
Starch Yield: 100%+
Breeder: KWS
Pack Size: 50,000


PEREZ has an improved position on the list in relation to its competitor varieties and this is coming off the back of a very poor maize season in 2015. This adds further support to what is being seen in the field and that is, PEREZ is a true marginal site maize and not just an early variety when grown on a good site. PEREZ is punching above its weight and producing some very big yields.

Yield: 103%
DM: 34.2%
Maturity Class: 10
Starch Content: 106%
Breeder: KWS
Pack Size: 50,000


ACUMEN is now a well proven marginal site maize with the ability to finish well on challenging sites. ACUMEN continues to perform above expectation.


Yield: 100%
DM: 33.7%
Maturity Class: 9
Starch Yield: 100%
Breeder: Limagrain
Pack Size: 50,000


PINNACLE is a new variety with some parentage in common with Ambition and is one of the new varieties that we can see, ultimately, replacing Ambition. Early indications are that PINNACLE will be higher yielding and slightly earlier maturing than Ambition and that it will be as good if not better in terms of total ME yield. This variety is definitely one to watch. Seed will be limited in 2017.

Yield: Not Yet Available
DM: Not Yet Available
Maturity Class: Not Yet Available
Starch Content: Not Yet Available
Breeder: Limagrain
Pack Size: 50,000



AMBITION has been a very reliable early maturing maize variety for several seasons but it struggled in 2015, particularly where it was drilled later. In 2016 AMBITION has performed much more to expectation, but there are newer varieties coming on to the market that are going to challenge AMBITION


Yield: 104%
DM: 32.9
Maturity Class: 9
Starch Yield: 106%
Breeder: Limagrain
Pack Size: 50,000


AUGUSTUS is a very early maturing variety. This characteristic is more readily seen on better sites rather than challenging ones. We feel that Augustus is the right variety for anyone looking to grow a very early variety on a good site. For the more challenging sites Augustus’ stable-mate PEREZ is looking like the better variety.

Yield: 95%
DM: 36.6%
Maturity Class: 11
Starch Yield: 104%
Breeder: KWS
Pack Size: 50,000



ES MARCO is a later maturing variety with very high yield potential. It does however exhibit very good cob maturity when compared to other later maturing varieties. We have had success with this variety when grown under plastic and on the most favourable sites in the region.

Yield: 104%
DM: 27.2%
Maturity Class: 4
Starch Yield: 96%
Breeder: Euralis Semences
Pack Size: 45,000

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