A large image of crops growing in a field
A large image of crops growing in a field
A large image of crops growing in a field
A large image of crops growing in a field
A large image of crops growing in a field

Welcome to Matford Arable Systems

Matford Arable Systems are an independent agronomy based business, supplying “Cutting Edge” advice, products and services to farmers across the South West, owned by the three senior agronomists, Neil Potts, Andy Hill and Dominic Edmond.

The business is based around supplying an unsurpassed level of service to our customers, combined with the best advice and products available, for all crop types grown in the South West. Our Products and services include:

  1. Full field walking service for customers
  2. Complete range of crop protection chemicals
  3. Cereal seed
  4. Grass seed
  5. Maize seed
  6. Roots, Cover Crop & Environmental Mix seeds
  7. Mobile seed cleaning service
  8. Oil Seed Rape & Pulses 
  9. Lime & Fertiliser
  10. Full soil testing and analysis service
An image of a farmer viewing his crop

In making customer service our No.1 priority Matford’s reputation has grown over the years into being a highly respected regional business.

The core business is based around the advice on, and supply of, crop protection products from a team of highly motivated and experienced BASIS qualified agronomists.

We grow and process our own cereal seed crops, selecting the best varieties for our South West growing conditions and markets. Our production processes ensure that seed is produced to the highest possible standards and is available and ready to drill on time.

We have two Grass Seed Blending Plants, one dedicated to producing Agricultural Grass Seed mixtures and the other to Amenity Grass Seed Mixtures. We are also able to produce Bespoke Grass Seed mixtures to individual customer’s own specifications. PG Seeds is the Brand Name for our Grass Seed range.

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